One of the most popular reasons that today’s families choose to build a new home over an existing home is that everything is new and exactly how they want it to be. During the home building process, you will probably find that the most exciting time is when you start to pick out your selections that add the personal touches that turn a new house into your home.


This is also true for a remodeling project as you will be choosing the new materials, fixtures and more that will be transforming your existing home into updated living spaces.


Here at Trevlex Construction, we guide you through the selection process working with selected showrooms and display centers to pick materials, colors, finishes, lighting, appliances, fixtures and everything needed to complete your new home or renovation. We are dedicated to complete customer satisfaction and responsive follow-up through the building process and after closing.

The key to a successful home remodeling or building project with Trevlex Construction is our personalized attention allowing us to work closely with you through every step of the process.


We always begin by sitting down with you and listening to what your goals and expectations are in creating your new dream home or transforming your existing home. Whether you share your ideas on a napkin or from photos clipped from home magazines, we want to learn all we can about your expectations and desires.


We can utilize the services of area architects or designers as needed in designing the plans needed to embark on your project.


With an overall design plan in place, we will provide you with a cost estimate outlining the scope of the project.


We take great pride in maintaining open and ongoing communication with you throughout all key stages in the building or remodeling process. As construction begins at your home, we will provide you with general timelines of construction.


At key stages during the job, we will be meeting you on the job site to approve key stages of construction before building moves on. These walk-through meetings are critical in keeping the job on schedule and on budget.